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The Plot Spot plot summary: Oryx and Crake

The Plot Spot plot summary:
Oryx and Crake

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Chapter 12:

Pleebcrawl—Jimmy was surprised when, a few weeks into his decline, Crake arrived at his doorstep unannounced. He said that he wanted to visit to see how he was taking the news about his mother. His mother’s execution was common knowledge by then. That was probably why his boss wasn’t hassling him about his recent job performance.

Crake was the only person that Jimmy was happy to see. He let him in and Crake told him that he had a couple passes to the pleeblands. Crake suggested that they continue with Jimmy’s self-destruction by trolling the plebe bars. He didn’t act shocked by Jimmy’s condition and didn’t seem bothered by it either. They spent a drunken day consuming all the vice the pleeblands had to offer. Jimmy was enthralled with the experience; he had never been to the pleeblands before. By the end of the day he had accepted Crake’s offer of a job at RejoovenEsense without knowing what it entailed.

BlyssPluss—The following Monday Jimmy arrived back at work, late and hungover. He hoped he wouldn’t see anyone but soon his boss and even higher up luminaries from the company arrived to congratulate him on his new job. He was awarded a very generous severance package and quickly shuttled off to RejoovenEsense. He realized that Crake must really have a lot of influence to get that kind of response from strangers.

Jimmy was treated like a king at RejoovenEsense. He had lunch with Crake at a 5 star restaurant where Crake told him that he was developing the BlyssPluss pill. The pill would reduce civilization’s violence by increasing everyone’s libido while reducing testosterone. It would also boost energy and provide a sense of well being. But Crake also intended to include a secret component that would strategically sterilize the pill’s users. This would let them control a human population that was dangerously out of control. Jimmy’s job was to develop the advertising and sales campaign for the drug.

The Plot Spot plot summary: Hereford Cathedral Chained Library, Hereford, England (Rare books were once kept chained to the bookshelf to prevent stealing.)
Hereford Cathedral Chained Library,
Hereford, England (Rare books were once kept
chained to the bookshelf to prevent stealing.)

MaddAddam—After lunch Crake took Jimmy to the bubble-dome building which he called Paradice. Crake had total control over everything in the building. Even his bosses only had the access that Crake allowed. Jimmy was surprised to see that all the employees wore nametags taken from animals in the extinctathon game. Crake explained that it was more than that. He had recruited all the grandmasters of the game, the underground bioterrorists, to work for him. He had convinced them that they could be more productive working from inside the system. Crake had erased their histories and provided them with new identities. Of course now that they were out in the open, Crake had total control over them. They would be able to leave because they’d be too easy to track. Jimmy was impressed. Crake had become much more the alpha male than he had imagined.

Paradice—Only a select few were allowed to come and go from the secure bubble-dome facility. But Crake said that Jimmy could have that privilege too. He would be doing the advertising, not working on the science, so no one would be interested in stealing what was in his head. Then Crake brought Jimmy to show him his top secret project. For seven years Crake had been working on the full-scale manipulation of the human genome. Anything would be possible and parents would be able to select from a vast number of malleable characteristics to arrive at their ideal child.

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